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Influencer Marketing: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Influencer marketing is a growing sector of marketing making major waves – and impact. They are modern-day advertisers, but many people don’t always think of them that way. 

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Our Top 2024 Trend? Authenticity

In the era of “Big Talk,” integrating genuine questions and fostering deep connections can transcend personal interactions and become a vital part of how marketing engages with audiences

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Big Talk Essentials: 10 Questions to Forge Deeper Connections at Any Event

The days of a perfectly curated social media feed are long gone. We are seeing this push for authenticity in social media and marketing, but how does it translate to real life? In a beautiful way.

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Books That Inspire Us

Our teams favorite books that are helpful, challenging, and have the ability to make a great impact on people, companies, and cultures.

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Trendspotting on Pinterest: Crafting Your Strategy Around February’s Trends

As 2024 unfolds, Pinterest has stood out as a crucial platform for trend forecasting, offering unparalleled insights into what's capturing the imagination of millions.

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Defining L&L Collective: It's Not Just What We Are, It's What We're Not

Welcome to L&L Collective – where marketing meets innovation, and professionalism meets fun.

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How We Got Here & What We're (Really) Doing

At L&L Collective, every team member gets to approach each project, each campaign, each brand from a different angle. For some of us, our passions go way back. Some realized their talents while working other roles. As a superhero collective might say, "with our powers combined..."

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Could You Benefit From a Team Managing Your LinkedIn Page?

Here are a few tips from the L&L team to improve your portfolio and stand out in the sea of LinkedIn posts:

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