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We’re a team of creatives who left the agency world to create something entirely new.

Honestly? We didn’t love what we saw. Our clients were failing to thrive in rigid environments with tight or inflexible deadlines. We know you deserve better so we decided to do something about it.

Now, we’re bringing flexibility, creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box solutions to our clients to transform how digital marketing is done for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our difference? We’re dynamic.

How We Work

l+L Team


Meet Beth. She is a social and digital expert, business owner, and advocate for small businesses. After a decade in the marketing industry, Beth noticed a gap: marketing solutions for small businesses. She founded L&L Collective as an agency dedicated to providing professional, custom strategy, content, and creative solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Meet Kaylee. She is a graphic designer and marketer with a passion for visual storytelling. Kaylee studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, as well as The Modern College of Design in Dayton, OH. Kaylee is dedicated to bringing your brand to life through powerful design and intentional layout.


Meet Jen. She is our operations arm, bringing organization, strategy, and exceptional execution to every area of our biz. She has a wealth of experience heading up project management and is dedicated to finding creative solutions to any hurdle. Whether she’s leading client calls with killer strategy or finding new ways to make our clients’ lives easier, Jen does it all with creativity and passion.


Meet Abby. She's our in-house perfectionist and maestro of hyper-organization. With an uncanny ability to nail the details and deadlines, Abby's world revolves around precision. To-do lists, note-taking, and synced calendars are her superpowers. Her career began working with a powerhouse CPG giant, where she mastered project management and brand marketing across diverse clients. She's led projects spanning brands and industries, from boat builders to child safety experts. Abby curates solid client relationships and exceeds project expectations. Beyond work, she loves spending time with her family – coffee strolls, zoo visits, and backyard swingset underdogs with her kids. She has a passion for animal adoption, and she unwinds with mystery novels or running when time allows.


Meet Andrew. He is a writer, strategist and PR pro with a passion for the written word and an eye for a great story. Andrew loves stringing words together, digging in to content strategy and creating an authentic voice for brands with something to say.


Meet Emma. She's a designer and brand narrative architect armed with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies. Her journey as a dynamic storyteller began as a PR intern at a top fashion agency, igniting a passion for captivating marketing. Proficient in managing social media accounts for businesses, Emma brings content to life, designing captivating visuals that resonate for our client’s audiences. Outside of work she finds peace in scenic hikes and spirited pickleball games with friends. Oh, and she's a big fan of binging Vanderpump Rules.

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