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Let's start with the basics.

Think of this package as your entry level, beginner’s guide to all things social media management. We’ll talk you through the basics and develop a strategy that works for your biz (and then probably change it once or twice, because we love to learn). We’ll take care of the design, writing, and management and help establish a solid footing on social.

Let’s give this a shot - we won’t let you down. 

Individual scopes and recommendations will be determined by client need as well as volume of platforms and posts.

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Need help but not ready to take a full plunge?

Need some help on social but not ready to take a full plunge? We’re here to help. In this package, we tackle all of that boring day-to-day social media management so the only time you have to log on is to mindlessly scroll at your leisure. We’ll develop a strategy totally unique to your biz, design each post, and create some stellar copy. Then, we manage the posting, audience engagement, and report back how you’re doing.

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Individual scopes and recommendations will be determined by client need as well as volume of platforms and posts.

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Top tier, gold star, reach-for-the-stars, World Series level work.

The best of the best. You know - the top tier, gold star, reach-for-the-stars, World Series level type of work. At this level of partnership, not only do we handle allllll of the day-to-day social media management so you don’t have to, but we become an extension of your team. We know no two platforms operate the same, so we develop custom platform-based strategies in addition to regular strategic planning sessions and monthly analytics deep-dive. 

Ready to pair up and knock it out of the park? Let’s hit a home run.

Individual scopes and recommendations will be determined by client need as well as volume of platforms and posts.

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Our social media packages begin at $1,200/month per platform. We can also provide custom packages for your business.





Every business is unique, and so are their needs on social media. We’re proud to offer a tiered social media management approach, ranging from consultative services to full-service management. Whether you’re in need of some best practices, strategy, and templates to get you started or a partner to handle all things copy, design, management, and analytics, we’re here to share our knowledge, services, and expertise.

Social media management

branding & rebranding services

Are you exploring a new business venture or looking to refresh your current brand? Our strategy, design, and copy team are here to provide you all the assets you need to bring your vision to life. We specialize in logos, brand books, and website copy redesign that captures your new biz direction.

Digital Ad Creation & Management 

Have you ever looked into paid media ads and thought what the heck is this?! Uh, yeah, it can be confusing. That’s why we’re happy to take it off your plate. We can write copy optimized for search, implement design proven to drive customer engagement, and optimize your campaign to your specific goals. 

Digital Ads
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns

Did you know more than 30% of people open an email based on the subject line? That’s a lot of pressure to be creative, so let us handle that. We’ll write, design, deploy, and report on email blasts to highlight your promotions, newsletters, surveys, and more.

Blog, Article, and Press Release Development 

Our copywriting team provides a suite of long-form content services. Whether you’re searching for blog content to build up your website or content library or in need of an official press release to share with the media, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.

Content Marketing
Copy and Design Retainer

Copy & Design Retainer 

Need some help but not sure where to start? We’re happy to offer hourly copy and design retainers to lend you our services for whatever marketing needs cross your desk. A seasonal campaign? Done! Templates for a presentation or social? We’ve got you! Flyers to promote an upcoming event? Consider it complete!

Working with us

What is it like to work with you?


We’re a small team, but a mighty one. Given our size, we’re not confined to lengthy processes, strict timelines or dated ways of working. Instead, we work to test and learn, bring innovative and creative ideas, and pivot if a strategy isn’t working. 

We aim to work as an extension of your team and tailoring the experience to what you want out of a partnership. If you want to be super involved, we love that! But if you want to sit back, relax, and know your social is taken care of, we’ll run with it for you.

How long are your contracts?


Our contracts start at 6 months. In the digital world, it can take time to show the results of a strategy shift. Our 6-month contract gives us both time to build a strategy and see its impact to your biz.

Why is social media important for a business?


Social media is a critical tool for your business to bolster brand awareness, engage with your customers or audience, and establish yourself as an expert, thought leader, or trusted resource in your field. It’s also a convenient resource for customers who are exploring new brands, businesses, and services so it’s important to have an active, thoughtful, and strategic online presence (plus, it helps boost your SEO and website!).

How do you measure success?


We take your business goals and objectives and turn them into meaningful KPIs unique to your brand. For some, it’s about gaining followers. For others, it’s about creating a consistent strategy. Whether you’re looking to highlight your services, gain new customers, or just get some time back in your day, we’ll track towards custom KPIs for your unique business needs.

Do you offer custom packages?


Heck yes we do! Businesses aren’t one-size-fits-all.

What services do you offer?


Social media management is our bread and butter, but we also offer website creation, email marketing, copy and design retainers, and digital and print collateral (flyers, one-pagers, newsletters - you name it!).

What’s your pricing?


Our most basic level of social media management begins at $850 / month.

How do you develop a strategy?


We start by partnering with you to learn what is most important to your biz - your background, goals, key messages and differentiators as a company. Then, we identify the platforms it would make the most sense for you to activate on. From there, we develop a platform-by-platform strategy that consists of content pillars, copy, design, hashtags, and post management strategy for your review and feedback. This is fueled by a mix of best practices on social, industry trends, and business goals.

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