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Oct 2, 2023

Could You Benefit From a Team Managing Your LinkedIn Page?

Andrew King

There was a time when LinkedIn was just a place to put an online resume and do a little bit of networking. 

But that time is far behind us. 

Today, LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, and has evolved into a tool for B2B connections, B2C connections, recruiting, thought leadership and much more. 

And it’s not showing signs of slowing down its growth and evolution just yet. As of May, LinkedIn usage (+20%) was dwarfing the growth of sites like Facebook (1%), Instagram (6%), Twitter (7%), and yes, even TikTok (16%). 

For those in a variety of industries — from executive coaches and marketers to designers and attorneys — LinkedIn represents the best place to truly be a thought leader, connecting with audiences and putting yourself into the conversation.

It’s not easy to do on your own. 

For the right people, LinkedIn can be a great platform to promote your work, accomplishments and exciting trajectory. Making an impact requires a strategic approach to the platform and its audiences. 

At L&L, we’ve guided a variety of clients to success on LinkedIn, expanding their access to clients, sharing their industry-leading knowledge and growing their following. One current client has seen a 25% increase in followers over just six months, attracting new clients and making new connections. We’ve helped another to compose some of their most far-reaching all-time posts within just a few weeks of working together. 

Here are a few tips from the L&L team to improve your portfolio and stand out in the sea of LinkedIn posts:

1) Be Consistent

Unlike platforms like TikTok or Twitter, where one post can really catch on and make a gigantic difference for your account, LinkedIn is more about being consistent and building your following. 

To increase your brand awareness and visibility, it’s critical to post consistently. By establishing a regular schedule, you not only benefit from LinkedIn’s algorithm, you ensure that people will see your posts more often. And people who look at your profile will see that you’re offering something on a regular basis, not just sharing the occasional anecdote. 

At first, it can seem unnecessary to post so often, and it’s not easy to do. Maybe you’re not seeing the engagement you hoped. Maybe you're finding it challenging to come up with so many posts. 

But between the behavior of its users and the LinkedIn algorithm itself, maintaining that consistency is key, and it’s what separates growing accounts from those that fade. 

That’s where a team like L&L comes in. It’s not always easy to write everything yourself, on top of all the other work you have left to do. So for many, it makes sense to let someone else do the work for you. 

2) Offer Substance

Many people, especially those who are entrepreneurs or in business for themselves, see a platform like LinkedIn and assume that they should be focused on promotion. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. LinkedIn’s algorithm and users are interested in seeing substance, not fluff and advertisement. 

A post offering something helpful — whether that’s advice, a personal experience, an opinion or a piece of news — is much, much more likely to succeed than something that comes across as promotional. 

If LinkedIn users can see your page as a resource rather than an ad, it will keep them coming back, and help them identify with and appreciate your content. 

How can you consistently offer that kind of resource? It helps to have a team around you, and L&L can help get to the bottom of what you offer, and help translate that into something usable and engaging for your audience. 

3) Get Personal 

The best and most successful LinkedIn accounts aren’t cold and corporate, they’re personal and heartfelt. 

Audiences want to hear from people. They’re interested in you.

The good news about LinkedIn is that establishing your own personality means establishing a dedicated and active following. By putting yourself out there, you can turn people’s genuine interest into real benefits for your brand and your business. 

You can’t do that by faking it. People can tell the difference! 

We work with our clients to establish not just a professional tone and on-brand posts, but also to help bring out your authentic voice. We don’t just write generic posts for you and slap some images onto them, we get to the bottom of who you are, what you offer your audience and what differentiates you from the crowd.

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