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Jan 25, 2024

How We Got Here & What We're (Really) Doing

Megan Teeter

At L&L Collective, every team member gets to approach each project, each campaign, each brand from a different angle. For some of us, our passions go way back. Some realized their talents while working other roles. As a superhero collective might say, "with our powers combined..."

So, how'd we each get here? And how do our specific brands of excellence contribute to the L&L mission?

Beth: Our Founder, Where Passion Meets Purpose

As the Founder of L&L Collective, Beth has always been drawn to building and nurturing relationships. "I love clients. I absolutely thrive on building and nurturing relationships. I also have a knack for all things visual and love helping clients meet their goals," Beth shared.

For Beth, what sets L&L Collective apart is the people. Be it the team or our clients, she takes pride in calling this business her own. The connections and relationships formed here are what make her business truly special. She's here to connect your brand with opportunities, infusing creativity and purpose into your journey.

Jen: The Queen of the Balancing Act

As the AVP of Marketing Strategy & Operations, Jen wears many hats. She oversees a team of five, ensuring all client work is completed on time and exceeds expectations. Jen values the variety that comes with working in a marketing agency. "I like the variety of clients and industries that we touch - it keeps me on my toes!" she noted.

What she loves most about L&L? The flexibility and support that allows her to balance a fulfilling career with motherhood. It's the best of both worlds. She's here to ensure that your brand soars to new heights while staying grounded in reality.

Kaylee: Designing Dreams into Reality

Kaylee, our Associate Art Director, is the creative force behind our design and visual communications. Her journey into graphic design began with a deep-rooted love for art. "There is something so powerful about using art to communicate an idea to the general public and then watch people take action based on your design," Kaylee said.

Having been with L&L Collective from the beginning, Kaylee appreciates the fun and vibrant energy that infuses our work. It's an agency where creativity thrives, even in the most demanding situations. She's here to design your brand's dreams into reality, creating visuals that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Emma: Cultivating the Creativity

Meet Emma, our Marketing Coordinator and the creative mind behind many of our visually captivating social media posts. She kicked off her career with an internship managing social media for an event planning company. "I had to design content using Canva and write weekly blogs, and I loved it!" Emma said.

Her passion for social media and design led her to her current role at L&L. Emma's favorite aspect of working here? The positive company culture. She added, "Everyone is so nice and supportive of one another!" She's here to turn your brand's dreams into stunning visuals that capture the hearts of your audience.

Abby: Managing the Chaos with Grace

Abby, our Project Manager, is the person who keeps all the puzzle pieces together. Her foray into project management stemmed from her innate knack for organization and detail. She shared, "I've always been extremely detailed and organized in my personal life, and when I discovered that project management existed, I knew that it was a great fit."

At L&L Collective, Abby's role is to ensure that every project runs smoothly, from social media management to print projects. She loves being a part of a team where genuine understanding and a passion for the work are the norm. It's this supportive atmosphere that makes Abby thrive in her role, working diligently to make your brand's dreams a reality.

Andrew and Megan: Writing the Stories We Believe In

This dynamic duo makes up our Content Strategist team.

Andrew transitioned from a career in journalism to marketing and public relations. He traded late nights and odd hours for something more consistent. Andrew loves the overall vibe at L&L Collective and appreciates how we prioritize work-life balance and realistic expectations. His background in journalism brings a unique perspective to our content strategy, making every brand’s story matter.

Megan's passion for writing has been lingering since early childhood. She used to craft short stories for her family as Christmas presents. After studying Creative Writing in undergrad and graduate school, she realized that storytelling on behalf of brands was where she wanted to be. She brings to life the stories of clients we believe in. That's what she loves most about her career - making a meaningful impact through the power of words, especially when those words are all about your brand.

Our distinct "callings" are your gain. Our passion for what we do is the driving force behind our collective success. It's what makes L&L Collective not just a marketing firm but your dedicated brand partner. When you choose us, you're choosing a team that's truly passionate about making your brand shine.

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